Wild Fern Montessori School

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Our children are our hope, our new beginning. Through Dr, Montessori’s studies she asked us to follow the child, to provide space for children to learn the LOVE of learning so they may carry that love throughout their lives. Their eyes are wild with wonder, and hearts open to the newness of their experiences. They learn through their hands, whether they be in dirt, water, or tracing the lines of the sandpaper letters.

We continue, as we always have, to take our roles in that journey seriously with loving care.

The mission of Wild Fern Montessori School is to provide a learning environment that adheres to Montessori principles to guide and nurture each individual child in becoming lifelong learners and citizens of our diverse world community.

We wish for all to have access to the many benefits a Montessori education provides and will work with any interested parties to make this happen. We will evolve to meet the needs of our community while adhering to the foundations of the Montessori philosophy.

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