Swan River Montessori Charter School

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Swan River Montessori Charter School is a school in Monticello, MN where educators inspire a passion for learning in an intentionally Montessori community of 165 students from preschool to 6th grade. Our vision is to employ an inter-disciplinary approach to education by teaching the whole child (heart, mind, and soul). The Montessori learning environment is designed to foster this whole child approach by meeting the child’s inherent needs of self-discovery, creativity, independence, and competence.

Swan River Montessori (SRMCS) has created a kind, respectful environment where each child has a sense of belonging. Learning at Swan River Montessori Charter School involves the student, the student’s family, the teachers, and the larger community. SRMCS supports family and community participation in each child’s education by utilizing and appreciating community resources and the natural world as a learning environment. To learn more about SRMCS, visit our website at https://www.swanrivermontessori.org/.

SRMCS’s charter authorizer is Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center (formerly Audubon Center of the North Woods). Information about this non-profit organization can be found on their website at  ospreywilds.org.

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