Springhill Montessori School

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Programs: Infant 2months  - Primary 6 years old

Certificated AMI & AMS staff

The Montessori Philosophy
The Montessori method of education has been used successfully the world over for nearly hundred years. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first woman physician, the Montessori Method was revolutionary in that it offered a scientific, observational, and developmentally based viewpoint of the child. The Montessori Method allows each individual child to strive toward his or her highest potential by providing an environment of beauty, order and reality.

The Montessori environment is designed to satisfy this innate motivation toward self-development. It is through self-development or “work”, that the child is led to the mastery of socials skills, academic concepts and critical, creative thinking.

Dr. Montessori’s additional doctorates in philosophy and anthropology, as well as her experiences among Italy’s poorest children, lent her methods the weight of authenticity.
Our Philosophy
Mission Statement
The mission at Springhill is to help the child follow their natural path of development, to gain independence, to be motivated from within by a natural curiosity, to interact with the environment as an active explorer, and to cultivate the child’s own love of learning.

Springhill is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and enriching learning environment that nurtures the child’s mind, body and spirit.


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