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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education.

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Pullman Community Montessori (PCM) is a newly approved charter school in the beautiful University town of Pullman, Washington.  The school is housed and will grow to capacity in the historic Gladish Community and Cultural Center conveniently located in central Pullman.  The facility is equipped with a gymnasium and outdoor play space as well limited access to a large and small performing-arts theater.  PCM is within walking distance to WSU and only 9 miles from the University of Idaho.  PCM is in its planning year and will open its doors to Kindergarten through grade 5 students in the fall of 2021, expanding a grade level per year through grade 9.

Holding to the Montessori essentials, PCM's K- grade 9 education model is personalized to students’ developmental needs. By following Dr. Montessori’s recognition of the child natural growth mindset, PCM will provide every student with a healthy balance of strong academics, a robust social-emotional program, and career and life skill development.  We rely on a data-driven, high-quality, place-based Montessori program, deeply rooted in research, to achieve this goal and foster students’ love of learning. We are thoroughly committed to guiding students to be self-empowered lifelong learners, global citizens, environmental stewards, and compassionate and collaborative leaders, bringing positive changes to their communities and the world!

To ensure our program starts strong, with an unwavering commitment to high-fidelity public Montessori, PCM has contracted with key organizations including National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector and Teton Science Schools Place Network. Join our team to capitalize on the opportunity to be the change you want to see in public education and build a program from the ground up.  Visit our website to learn more, view positions, and apply for openings.

9 reasons to teach at PCM:  

  1. Broaden your impact by being a member of Washington’s first public Montessori school. You will be a partner in founding a high-quality program for children with the potential to contribute to shaping Montessori charter schools throughout the United States.
  2. Benefit from a high level of purposeful and applicable professional development that is built into the week and year. Also benefit from PCM’s partnership with high-quality partners such at Teton Science Schools Place Network, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, and the Washington State Charter Schools Association.
  3. Enjoy a family-friendly work environment with onsite childcare (for a fee) and a weighted lottery preference for children of full-time staff.
  4. Participate in a program that empowers students to handle freedoms as they learn to act with responsibility.
  5. Grow professionally with support from Tetons Science Schools Place Network to guide children in planning their own outings (going outs) where they interface with the local environment to learn from and contribute to their local community.
  6. Engage in closing opportunity gaps for students by growing your skills in partnering with families and creating Montessori learning environments for diverse populations using cultural humility.
  7. Participate in a growth and leadership program with support from an experienced Montessori coach trained at both the primary and elementary level which involves goal-setting, reflection, and mentoring as you cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary for success.
  8. Experience ample opportunities to learn and grow within a collaborative community of professionals.
  9. Partner with an organization dedicated to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and anti-racist work environment committed to pursuing a healthy work-life balance.


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