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My name is Lucia Cerna, writing to you from Managua, Nicaragua.
I am writing to you, because we are a small urban school (3 classrooms 2 toddlers and 1 casa), which is quickly growing and we are in need of finding trained Montessori teachers that can apply the methodology in their classrooms.
We don't really require experience, but is definitely a plus, but the desire to work with children in a Montessori setting, applying the philosophy on a daily basis.
Our Director is AMI trained 0-6 Montessori Guide, who participates in the classrooms, guiding and directing the actual teachers into applying the method. Most of the teachers/assistants have gotten a local Montessori training which has helped us a lot, but we really are really interested in hiring teachers graduated and certified with an international program and/or association.
We are looking for guides that could start in summer/fall 2017. We are a relatively new school (opened our doors in January 2015 with 13 children), and the school has quickly grown into its maximum capacity of 40.
We have started the construction and will be moving into a new school designed building, in the summer and we need to arrange at least 1 certified Montessori teacher in each classroom. Toddler teachers, don't need to have the 0-3 course, but the desire of working with this age and its implications.
You can find our profile on facebook as Mundo Montessori Nicaragua
We call ourselves Mundo, "world" using the word as a whole:
*Friendly to our environment and promote an ecofriendly education with the children (recycling; plating and cultivating plants, fruits, and vegetables; care and love for animals and pets (we have hens running free and interacting with the children)
*Cultural based teaching, diversity is highly promoted. We teach a lot of culture and want to learn about the whole world and the different people that we share our planet with.
Please let us know how or if its possible that we can post international job offers.
Thank you very much,
Lucia Cerna

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