Montessori School of Northampton

Montessori School of Northampton

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The Montessori School of Northampton has been educating children since 1976. Our families come from three counties (Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin) and from over fifteen towns from throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Our school has a strong sense of community and reflects and welcomes diversity. At the start of each school year we offer three events to bring the school community together.  Back to School Night is a school wide event introducing parents to faculty and staff and providing orientation information.  Curriculum Nights at all levels invite parents to visit in their classrooms with teachers to learn more about one another and the Montessori curriculum.  Potlucks bring together parents, children and faculty in a relaxed setting.  These programs set the stage for connections joyously made and nurtured throughout the year.

The Montessori School of Northampton is a compelling school like no other in the area:

  • Unique to MSN – In carefully prepared environments, students at every age make meaningful choices about how to move through their day.  Their purposeful work maximizes engagement and learning.
  • Unique to MSN – The philosophy of the school program and the ethos of the school community support each child’s and young adolescent’s growth into their own, as educator Parker Palmer calls it, “authentic self-hood.”  This is a school that lives a belief that all are enriched by each individual finding their true passions and by each individual feeling safe to present their authentic selves.  In this environment, MSN students are distinguished by their uncommon poise and kindness.
  • Unique to MSN – Board and school leadership are committed to social justice and peace.  MSN faculty are developing an innovative curriculum, on a national scale, of breaking through some old, persistent, and sometimes little examined and systemic causes of discrimination with a particular focus on racial injustice.
  • Unique to MSN – The Middle School program is developed from the ground up with the characteristics and needs of the young adolescent at the fore.  In contrast to traditional big box middle schools or preparatory pressure cookers, the MSN Middle School is a place where students form connections with peers and caring adult teachers as they begin to form a social identity apart from their parents and home.  In this “known” context, young adolescents find it is cool to care…about their work, each other, their school, their community and their world.  They develop outstanding academic and extra-curricular habits of mind preparing them for success in any high school environment and beyond.  Their presence of self is extraordinary and stems from genuine confidence and a genuine sense of having something to contribute to the group.

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