Montessori Country Day School

Established in 1987

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Established in 1987, Montessori Country Day School is a private school that offers early childhood as well as elementary education programs. With more than 25 years of experience, we take pride in providing some of the best academics in the area. Designed from a private residence, Montessori Country Day School offers an environment that feels like an extension of home. Small classes and low pupil-teacher ratio supports our dedication to close attention to individualized education for each student, focusing on their interests and abilities, while developing a well-rounded curriculum.

Our students are happy and content. By staying true to Montessori methods and philosophy, they are excited to start their day, focused, attentive, and engaged in learning. The children are challenged in a calm, nurturing manner that fosters independence and individuality leading to confident individuals with strong academic skills and a foundation for learning yet to come.

Our multi-age classes offer an opportunity for indirect learning. Older children act as role models for the younger children. The younger children have the opportunity to observe the older students at work. The older children are given the opportunity to develop compassion, responsibility and reinforce their own learning.

The younger children develop confidence and independence within a strong support system. The teachers are given time to learn a child's strengths and learning styles and carry that information over from year to year, building a deep trust with the child and family.

Our dedicated staff offer a warm, caring environment that begins as early as 12 months and follows the child through fifth grade. Well trained and Montessori certified, the staff is committed to the philosophy and methods of Maria Montessori.

Come visit us at Montessori Country Day School and experience the setting, environment, and staff that makes our Montessori preschool unlike any other.

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