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Leap School is recruiting! We’re expanding our preschool to include our first Montessori primary school class. We are looking for a Montessori qualified or experienced teacher to take the lead in the 6 – 9 year old class, but also to advise on transitioning our current preschool to a Montessori method. Experience in both Montessori preschool and primary school is a must. Salary is market related and influenced by experience and qualifications. Position starts January 2019.

More about Leap Prep School

At Leap we are creating an exceptionally high-quality learning culture in a personal, family-like environment. We steer clear of highly pressurised, corporate-like, large school environments that have become the norm and where children learn in a non-personal, non-flexible setup. This allows us the time, space and focus to create a wonderful, quality-focused experience for our learners.

At Leap we think like designers… we believe that school should be intentionally approached, intelligently designed and continually improved. And so we are always looking for ways to embed more research-based truth into every aspect of school life.

We are committed to implementing only interventions that have a sound basis in research – that have been shown to work, and work dramatically.

We support our teachers to become, increasingly, masters at the art of teaching; gifted guides on a journey to becoming beautifully unnecessary. We don’t micromanage. We don’t burden them with administration and unnecessary red tape. We make sure they free to spend their time and energy teaching and learning…

We invest heavily in the professional development of our teachers. We intentionally develop, through a number of training interventions, those skills and traits found to have the most powerful effect on students’ achievement…

At Leap we forge relationships of trust and respect. We forge partnerships for learning. Our classrooms are active, positive, collaborative, experimental and inspired.

To apply, please send your CV, along with a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for Leap School, to Jean van Schalkwyk at jean.vanschalkwyk@leapschools.co.za.

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