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Harmony Tree Montessori Education is a project built with passion to open new knowledge and learning horizons to our children. We consider that the first years of a child’s life have a great influence on his way of thinking and personality. The children have a natural desire to discover and to understand the world around them. They reach their maximum learning potential when they are involved in specific activities that meet their needs, in an appropriate environment that stimulates and encourages this process. The children are guided by teachers that are trained and have experience in Montessori education and that give them the freedom to learn by themselves by using original teaching materials in an environment that stimulates the development of their spiritual, emotional and intellectual potential. For us, education is more than just a transfer of information in the process of knowledge, it is the mere joy of growth, a continuous experience that guides children on the evolutional process to perfect as personalities that respect and cherish values. We treat children with compassion and respect within a dynamic collaboration and we understand that each child can have a personal growth pattern, hence our special focus on individual needs.

Located in a peaceful and easily accessible area in Baneasa, with spacious interiors and a large yard with a specially designed playground, the kindergarten shapes the ideal space for children’s natural development.

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