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Guadalupe Montessori School

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The Guadalupe Montessori School is dedicated to delivering an accessible, authentic, high-quality Montessori education in a peaceful, supporting learning environment. We provide an accessible, high-quality choice that meets the needs of families and children in Grant County. AMI trained guides deliver our curriculum, supported by a skilled staff. Our board, faculty, and staff reflect the diversity of our community. We adhere to evidence-based pedagogy and strive to foster a life-long love of learning in all children. We provide the guidance and freedom for students to develop their current interests and discover new ideas. Our curriculum is built upon the core values of academic excellence, diversity, and social responsibility. We recognize that a highly trained, skillful staff is essential to our program, and we are committed to deep and integrated professional development that empowers our staff to grow personally and professionally.

In adopting evidence-based Montessori teaching methods, GMS has adopted a framework that supports academic excellence, social and emotional development, safety, and quality. Our program is flexible enough to address each child's developmental stage and learning style, while ensuring academic breadth and depth. We promote independence and self-confidence and recognize that every child has diverse strengths rooted in their unique family, culture, heritage, language, beliefs and circumstances. We also honor each child’s entelechy, a vital agent or life force that emerges only through individual exploration, expression, and purposeful effort. When the entelechy is honored, potential becomes realized and the individual becomes self-actualized.

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