Fountain Hills Charter School

Company Information

Fountain Hills Charter School is seeking a highly qualified elementary teacher. We are seeking enthusiastic teachers who are highly organized and eager to use creativity and best teaching practices to work with motivated students and families.


Our Mission!

It is our mission to enable students to develop strategies for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values needed to participate meaningfully in our pluralistic society.

  • To provide an educational environment that stimulates and nurtures each child’s growth.
  • To provide classroom environments based on the child’s needs for freedom, within limits, in carefully prepared environment.
  • To guarantee exposure to materials and experiences through which the student develops intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities.
  • To provide curriculum designed to take full advantage of the self-motivation and unique ability of each child to develop his or her own capabilities.
  • To achieve exceptional merit in an environment where children develop the resources and responsibility within themselves that are needed to lead productive and purposeful lives.

Current job openings at Fountain Hills Charter School

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