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The Franco-Peruvian School "The Trampoline" is an Private Educational Institution whose fundamental objective is to prepare children in academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and artistic terms, so as to be able to adapt to a constantly changing world.

The education of our school places emphasis, not only on book knowledge but also on the capacity to find one's own way, becoming responsible, taking pleasure in learning and developing a critical spirit.

We are a Peruvian School with a modern concept of Education located in the Northshore of Peru in Mancora.

Our new generation way of teaching is bringing more families, creating more interest every year and we have no doubt that in view of this success the School El Trampoline will be a productive contribution and a valuable educational offering the region of Talara where at this time it doesn’t exist any other similar school.

Since 2012, under the Name El Trampolin, we are developing a concept sensitive to the issues involved in:

Trilingual Education(French, Spanish and English)

Active teaching Methodologythat is respecting the rhythm of development of the Kids (Montessori Method)

Ecology by respecting the Environment, teaching to live with the nature, with the animals and becoming a food consciousness

Sportive including Surfing within the School’s schedule as an entire discipline

Artistic education in order to favourite the multiples intelligences

This year we have  40 kids from the ages of 3 to 9 years old


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