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 Welcome to Children’s Montessori School The staff at Children’s Montessori School is a wonderful group of teachers with a strong tradition of community service and education. Staff members at Children’s Montessori School inherently understand, love and respect children. They work to bring out the best in each child, try every approach to meet each child’s needs and inspire children to learn.

MISSION We are an institution that forms responsible, respectful, autonomous and committed to society. It includes a bicultural preparation that allows them to be competitive in a globalized world.

VISION To be a personalized and bicultural educational institution that transcends society due to its high academic level, its humanistic philosophy and its congruence with its values ​​and principles.

HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY Children’s Montessori School is a nondenominational, private preschool, which has served young children and families in the Rancho Cucamonga area since 1994. Children’s Montessori School was founded by Mrs. Badra she created a curriculum that allowed young children to learn and flourish in a nurturing environment through “Praise, Love, and Approval.”follow the child”. A Montessori classroom is carefully prepared to allow the child to work independently and allow for the joy of self-discovery..  Children’s Montessori School curriculum follows the Creative Curriculum guidelines and focuses on exploration and experimentation within a play and social environment, while integrating the benchmarks of the California Early Learning and Development Standards. Daily activities include facilitated play through learning areas, practical Life, creative art experiences, music, movement, dramatic play, story time/literature, math & science, gross and small motor activities and outdoor/indoor gross motor play. There is a healthy balance of structured and unstructured activities during each preschool session. Through play and problem solving, children learn the basic skills necessary to achieve—academically, creatively, socially, physically and emotionally.  Children’s Montessori School believes that children grow, experience and learn about the world in different ways and at their own pace and a mix of age is one of the ways how they learn by the example. All children are welcome. Enrollment is open to all children without regard to race, religion, gender, or national origin. The curriculum provides experiences that expose children to a variety of cultural experiences that encourage the development of values such as respect for diversity, giving, sharing and learning to be good friends. The children’s days are filled with rich learning experiences that will make the transition from classroom to classroom and from program to program, including, kindergarten, an easy one. This kind of educational experience begins with mutual understanding between the family and school. The staff works to help children develop the skills and self-confidence necessary for living in a complex, changing world. The teachers also understand that to be truly meaningful, educational experiences should support and enhance parents’ relationships with their children. A vital part of the teachers' role is to communicate and work with families to develop mutual, realistic expectations for learning and behavior.  

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