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Casa Niños School of Montessori, Inc. is a NAC Accredited school that educates children in the manner formulated by the famous Italian physician María Montessori (1870-1952). The Montessori program is an educational approach that frees the child's potential for self-development. It guides each child according to individual capacity and need, permitting self-development in a natural rate. The Montessori system of education assures a foundation upon which to build future success.

The Montessori classroom is established as a miniature community where children work and learn together in harmony, while still retaining their individuality. The children strive to become responsible for their own behavior and to help their community by observing rules necessary for peaceful living.

The special relationship that is so common among Montessori children, their teachers, and their school is quite unlike the experience most children have. A key component of the Montessori school is the multi-year programs. A child stays in the same program, with his peers and teachers, for two to three years. Yes, a Montessori schools is different, but not simply because of the materials used in the classroom. It is a place children really want to be because it feels just like home!

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