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“We believe that all children can become bilingual given the right opportunities. Starting children by the age of two in a full-immersion Montessori classroom facilitates the process of absorbing the second language as another native language.

Our full-immersion classrooms are guided by native Spanish speakers, born and raised in Latin America, Montessori Certified and with a minimum of three years of Montessori experience. Our staff’s love for teaching, along with their positive and joyful energy, allows students to learn a second language in a positive and peaceful atmosphere.

As your child progresses through each level, the curriculum builds on his/ her prior experience, providing an uninterrupted continuum of education. A commitment of 5 to 6 years is necessary for your child to become bilingual. However, you can expect your child to read, write and speak Spanish in the present tense and first person by the end of his/her kindergarten year.

Join us today to create opportunities for your child’s future.”

– Ms. Mariela and Ms. Natalie

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