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CASA DEI BAMBINI school is an award winning International and Multicultural Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten. Steadfast with more than 20 years in the Silicon Valley, we are  dedicated to our educational mission and consistently committed to our core values. A program rich in content, reinforced by a wide-ranging curriculum, and the committed support of the community have made Casa dei Bambini School the top choice in Early Education.

Our Whole Child approach & curriculum is designed to encourage young minds & hearts to reach their highest potential. We strive to make Casa dei Bambini School a place where children and teachers feel safe to explore, collaborate, take on intellectual challenges, be motivated to do their best, and develop responsibility for those in their school, family, and community. At Casa dei Bambini School, a great partnership is formed with our parents. We are truly the preschool for the entire family. Exceptionally trained teachers apply constructivist theories with love, encouragement, and guidance. No rote learning!

Our program is designed with the best practices of over 100 years of Worldwide Montessori Pedagogical Research and Implementation. We have created a daily and weekly schedule that supports the child’s development and deep love of learning, that also fosters their creativity.

Shared activities amongst the different ages provide a meaningful social context for learning and a joyful classroom environment. Character building opportunities, leadership skills, creativity, problem solving, and resiliency are always nurtured in all of our activities. The harmony and symmetry between student and teacher at Casa dei Bambini School creates a peaceful, delightfully busy, and academically thriving program like none other. Our distinctive one-of-a-kind Montessori Program is specifically designed for students as young as two. Spanish, French, Gymnastics, Music/Choir, Gardening, Cooking, Geography, Cultural Exposure, Art, Nature, Sciences, Exploration ...and many more programs!

At Casa dei Bambini School we are always happy to assist you with your child’s potty training. Beautiful! Clean Facilities! Fantastic location in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto.

Casa dei Bambini School…what happy children look like!!!

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