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Education for Life: Creating Successful Adults, One Child at a Time

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Our Mission

  • To offer every child the possibility of a Montessori education, regardless of the parents’ financial position, because Dr. Montessori believed in the potential within every child
  • To provide diversity to such a degree that every child will assume the world is full of people in every color, with many languages, with many beliefs because Dr. Montessori believed that peace and tolerance can only begin with the children
  • To find staff members who truly believe in the special creative power within every child and are determined to find the one work that will open the door to unleash that power because Dr. Montessori saw that work, when correctly motivated, heals the soul
  • To provide multiple and regular opportunities for parents to learn how best to contribute to their child’s inner growth because Dr. Montessori believed that adults, if unaware, could impede the child’s natural development
  • To create the most beautiful, fully-integrated Montessori environment in the Phoenix area because Dr. Montessori was very clear on how the meticulous preparation of the environment spoke to the child

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