Shawna Harrison

Children's House Teacher/Director

I have been a Children's House teacher for 11 years and I am currently working toward my certification in Lower Elementary. I love working with these young children and watching them grow and develop into kind, useful, independent members of society.

I have worked in classrooms with as few as 5 children and as many as 26. I take pride in being able to create a strong community both between the students in the classroom, as well as between the families outside of the school setting, no matter the number I work with. I do this by emphasizing cultural studies within the classroom, teaching peace and tolerance, as well as providing many opportunities for the families to gather both in and outside of school.

In addition to guiding the children within the classroom I work hard to educate parents and up and coming teachers about the Montessori method. I host parent information nights throughout the school year, use social media to spread ideas and knowledge, and teach a geography seminar at a Montessori training center.

I look forward to going in to work everyday and I intend for the trend to continue whether I continue teaching in a Children's House setting or move forward into an elementary classroom following my certification.

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B.S. Psychology @ Ithaca College
Nov 2016 — Dec 2016

Bachelor of Science earned in Psychology in 2005.

Children's House training @ New England Montessori Teacher Education Center
Nov 2016 — Dec 2016

Training program focusing on the 3-6 Children's House curriculum.

Lower Elementary @ North American Montessori Center
Nov 2016 — Current

An online training program focusing on the Lower Elementary curriculum.


Lead Teacher/ Co-director @ Montessori Children's Garden
Nov 2016 — Current

I have been with this school since it opened in 2008. We are a small, country school, where the children spend a great deal of time in nature, and raising chickens and goats. I have been the lead teacher since we opened, planning curriculum, supervising assistants and interns, in addition to working with the children. Over the years, the owner of the school has increasingly provided me with opportunities and experience as an acting director; having me make administrative decisions and working directly with the parents and licensing board.

Intern/Co-teacher/Lead Teacher @ Country Village Montessori School
Nov 2016 — Dec 2016

My first year was spend as an intern, working through my Children's House practicum. My second 2 years was spent as a co-teacher in a classroom of 26 children. I was also the lead teacher and organizer of the school's summer program.

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