Shara Gurule

Experienced AMS Montessori Directress

It is with considerable interest that I enclose my resume for any open positions available currently or prospectively in the 2017 Spring or Fall semesters.  I am confident you will find that my unwavering commitment to Montessori education, unique ability to connect with children, strong classroom management, organizational and interpersonal skills will be a positive asset to your school.

As a well-rounded Montessorian, I have had the opportunity to teach in different settings and positions.  I started out interning at a Montessori in Las Cruces, NM where I learned how to incorporate Spanish into the primary age curriculum. I was honored to teach at one of the oldest Montessori schools in New Mexico, Escuela del Sol Montessori in Albuquerque.  I then took on the endeavor to establish, own and operate my own Montessori school in the beautiful pines of Ruidoso, NM.  Fueled by a desire to gain greater knowledge and experience with children with special needs, I worked with a government-funded Head Start program.  Then, when a call came to oversee and help establish a new and fast-growing Montessori school in the Phoenix Valley, I was very excited to take on the challenge.  In my 4.5 years of Primary Directorship, Spondeo Montessori has grown over 35% to full capacity and a solid waiting list!

I have to itch to continue in my passion to guide and connect with children, to cultivate warm, stimulating, peaceful environments and to build strong, working, relationships with all members of your school community.  I have over 16 years of experience in teaching and many of those years I have combined different facets of operations and responsibilities. My family has much experience teaching abroad, my brother is currently teaching in China. Now, I am ready to start my adventure in teaching abroad and your school not only stands out but resonates with me. I would absolutely love the opportunity to be a part of your community!

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Kinesiology @ Rio Salado College (2011)
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

attended 1 year

Early Childhood Education @ University of New Mexico
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

attended 1 year

Early Childhood Education @ New Mexico State University
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

2 years attended

AMS Montessori Certification @ Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (grad. in 2001)
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

Youngest graduate at that time.

High School Diploma @ Ruidoso High School grad. in 2000
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017


Primary Level Coordinator/Primary Directress @ Spondeo Montessori (Employed 20012/08/01 thru present)
Dec 2016 — Current

I am responsible for philosophy integrity, curriculum development and implantation, staff observations and support at the Primary Level. In conjunction to my Coordinator duties, I am also the Lead Teacher in a very large 2-6 yr. old classroom.

Owner, Operator, Lead Directress @ Starlite Montessori School (Owned and Operated from 2006/06/1 thru 20011/05/30)
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

I took over and purchased a small "mom and pops" Montessori school. I grew the small school into a large, supportive and beautiful Montessori community. I sold the school to a board of directors to create a non-profit school.

Lead Directress @ Escuela del Sol Montessori (Employed 2002/7/1 thru 2006/5/28)
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

Performed all duties and responsibilities in line with a Lead Teacher in a large 3-6 yr. old classroom.

Lead Diresctress @ Living Hope Montessori (Employed from 2000/8/1 thru 2002/5/25)
Dec 2016 — Jan 2017

First year was my internship year. Following year, performed all responsibilities in line with a Lead Teacher for a 3-6 year old classroom.

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