Prerna Sharma

Experienced Montessori Teacher
Experienced Montessori Teacher

China has been a wonderful learning and growing experience for me as I ventured for new challenges and adventures as one of BGL’s Lecturers, expert committee members, and a few more as listed on my CV. The opportunity provided to enjoy work in a multicultural environment too is of great value to me.

Before coming to China I worked as the Head of Department/Class Teacher following the EYFS Curriculum for Foundation Stage-2, at the Sri Lankan School Muscat –Oman (SLSM) since September 2011- August 2015

However the beginning of my career was as a Montessori Class Room Directress /Administrator for LPF Academy Dehiwala- Sri Lanka, in which I gained hands on experience of immeasurable value of the best AMI practices for children of 3-6yrs of age from 2007 till September 2011.

Within the ten years of my career, I have managed to widen my horizons and gain experience in teaching, curriculum design, curriculum development, teacher training, educational leadership, classroom instruction, negotiation, class room management etc. Also having successfully completing my higher studies in HRM I was given the opportunity to work in an administrative role in which I gained experience in areas such as recruitment and selection, orientation, employer employee relationships, performance supervision etc.

The AMI diploma was obtained at the Good Shepherd, Maria Montessori Training Centre at St. Bridget’s Convent Sri Lanka. In the two year diploma course, the second year provided the opportunity for me to be trained in three distinguished Montessori Houses of Sri Lanka.

I’m a hardworking and a dedicated individual. I love and enjoy the work I do. Currently I am very much interested in widening my competencies by sharing my knowledge and gaining more experience for my career in teaching to enrich my career path. I’m very keen in joining an institution that would give me the opportunity I’m looking for.


CV attached is to further enlighten you of my capabilities and capacities.

Hence please do consider my CV for a suitable opening in your organization where I intend and vouch to render my efficient services.








AMI Montessori Diploma (3-6 years) @ AMI training centre-Sri Lanka
Mar 2005 — Mar 2007

A two year diploma course in which the final year was with practical experience in three distinguished and authentic Montessori schools in Sri Lanka. I have successfully completed and graduated from this institute.


Sep 2015 — Current

Teaching, lecturing, designing workshops for parents/school and other interested parties are some of the added responsibilities to my job role. Teaching all Chinese children in English and getting them to speak and understand English has been my biggest responsibility/challenge over here. I'm proud to say that I have successfully achieved this for 16 of my students thus far from a class of 20.

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