Nadia Shakeel

Nursery nurse

I really enjoy working with babies and toddlers as I am very patient, gentle and caring. I am a British Citizen and I am currently completing my last year of the Foundation Degree course. I will be visiting the United States of America in Indiana and I am willing to work within a Montessori, and to also identify the structure of working around children and young people, to observe the differences of working between the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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Student @ Solihull College and University Centre
Oct 2016 — Current

I am currently a Higher Education student and Solihull College, I am completing a Foundation Degree course, it is the second last year of the course. Alongside my course, I am also attending several settings to work around children and young people. I really enjoy my profession as I also implement my interest and hobby of creativity.


Nursery nurse @ Mavis Legge Nursery
Oct 2016 — Current

I am currently working around babies and toddlers between the age of 3 months and 5 years. My role is to approach the children with care and patience and to feed and play with them throughout the day. I also have to fill in their daily diaries to inform parents about what their child has done throughout the day so parents are aware of child progression. However, as well as working with children and young people it is very essential, to implement safety around children and young people to safeguard them. However, all nursery policy and procedures are always implied and fulfilled for the safety of children and young people. As well as working with children and young people, I also maintain my role very well of working as a team member around the staff workers making sure I do not create any conflicts but make sure that I work very carefully and as a friendly person so everyone can co-operate and work together.

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