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AMI montessory dirctor
  • Establish and maintain a good liaison with parents and colleagues exhibiting a professional manner at all times. *
  • Partake in parent in interviews and/or conferences as requested. *
  • Attend and partake in monthly staff meetings. *
  • Participate in a yearly verbal report with parents who request interview. *
  • Attend and partake in Parent Committee Meeting as requested. *
  • Educate & Promote the Montessori Philosophy. *
  • Continually develop self professionally. *
  • Conduct Parent Education evenings on the Montessori philosophy and method *
  • Attend school open-houses, school events, fundraisers and any other special meetings requested by management. *
  • Annually read the school’s policies and procedures, fire policies, playground policies, anaphylaxis policy and individual child plans and sign the confirmation forms. *
  • Maintain daily contact with parents on an informal basis and support parents in their parental role and in maximizing their own participation in the program. *
  • Participate, communication and coordinate as a team player in all areas of the program. *
  • Perform office duties as in checking phone messages, checking daily communication log, recording parent inquiries, etc. *
  • Assist in the evaluation of the program and recommend new and/or modified programming to improve effectiveness in meeting the needs of the children. *
  • Participate in preparation and circulation of school’s newsletter and other information. *
  • Maintain valid First Aid and Infant/Child CPR certificates. *
  • Plan and administer the program and curriculum of the school according to the Montessori philosophy and the Policies and Procedures of centre. *
  • Conduct presentations and lesson on both individual and group basis. *
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment, adhering to all governmental legislations and the school’s policies and procedures. *
  • Responsible for the safety and physical well-being of the children. *
  • Report any and all accidents and illness to management and prepare a written accident report. *
  • Ensure any children are not left unattended. *
  • Notify management of any behaviour concerns with children and/or difficulties with parents or colleagues. *
  • Contribute to monthly submissions to the school newsletter. *
  • Observe children upon arrival in order to identify illness or abuse and make appropriate documentation. *
  • Supervise indoor and outdoor play areas and ensure children are dressed appropriately, and that the equipment is in good repair and being used appropriately. *
  • Supervise special guests, volunteers and students. *
  • Carry out daily routines, e.g. toileting, preparation of snack, etc. Direct children in general tidiness of the rooms and housekeeping in all areas. *
  • Ensure adequate sanitary and housekeeping standards are maintained. Perform laundry and other housekeeping duties. *
  • Administer first aid as required. *
  • Accompany and supervise children on outings and field trips. *
  • Ensure that there is a daily snack and drink for the children and any special dietary requirements are met. *
  • Observe and assess children’s progress and behaviour to ensure program meets identified individual and group needs. Make recommendations to the management of referrals for children to outside support agencies for special needs as necessary. *
  • Make ready classroom and materials before start of school in September and assist in the cleanup in June. *
  • Constantly assess classroom environment and continually upgrade, change and/or adjust equipment to meet the needs of the children. *
  • Continually advise Management of equipment requirements, adaptations, etc. *
  • Daily assess environment for cleanliness, aesthetics and completion and make any necessary or appropriate changes. *
  • Train and supervise children in the execution of monthly fire drills as stated in the Fire Evacuation Procedures. *
  • Record and assess each child’s progress and development and take appropriate actions to address his/her emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs on a continuous basis. *
  • Maintain current accurate academic records of each child’s progress in the program. *
  • Participate in the preparation of occasional written progress report on each child. *
  • Submit academic records and other records during the year as requested by the management. *
  • Complete weekly/monthly program plans and post in classroom as required.
  • Requirements: The Montessori Teacher shall: *
  • hold an AMI Montessori Diploma from a training program recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale for the appropriate age group *
  • and/or be a member in good standing of the College of Early Childhood Educators *
  • or equivalent training in Child Related Studies. *

He/she guides the children to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically in a prepared Montessori environment that challenges each child to learn independently to reach his/her fullest potential.


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