Claudia Luna

Primary Montessori Directress
Primary Montessori Directress


Responsible, punctual, reliable, enthusiastic, trustworthy and diligent worker.

Willing to learn as fast as possible and to do my best.

Enjoys teaching others, specially focusing on topics that I am very interested on.

Enjoys team work.

Excited to help others by answering any questions or concerns people might have.

I have a very broad experience with children. Aside from being surrounded my children under 6 for long as I can remember, I started to work at a daycare when I turned 16.

Once I turned 18, I started going to college and working as a Nanny.

I started working in a Primary Classroom in the summer of 2012; therefore I have been exposed to a Montessori environment for 3 consecutive years.

I believe that my passion for Montessori has increased over the years because I have gotten to chance to observe a complete Montessori Cycle with the children. I have had the same children for 3 years, from them being first years to now stepping into the Elementary Level

My goal is to to obtain the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities, share my knowledge and serve as a  Trained Primary Montessori Guide to prepare children during their developing stage for them to reach self-esteem and independence.

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Primary Level Teacher Training @ Montessori Institute of San Diego
Jan 2017 — Current

2016-2017 Montessori Institute of San Diego
San Diego, CA
Primary Guide Montessori Training Course

2013-2013 Montessori Teacher Education Center San Leandro, CA
Early Childhood Assistant Training Course
Training Course designed for assistants to gain knowledge with materials in a Montessori environment.
A brief overview of the roles of an assistant and importance of having a prepared environment.


Primary Level Teacher's Assistant @ Marin Montessori School
Jan 2017 — Feb 2017

2013-2016 Marin Montessori School, Corte Madera, CA
Primary Level Teacher’s Assistant
Overview 28 children while guide gives out lessons
Maintain a ready, clean and organized environment for the children on a daily basis
Prepare material and art projects for children to use.
Support Guide on anything needed to maximum performance in the classroom.

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