Angela Brown

Child care provider
Child care provider

I have ran my own youth group for years and i am educating my child career now. I have passed my course
with a 94.7 and am waiting to receive my certificate in the mail. I am now a graduate and am eager to work
and share what I know and ideas with a great childcare environment. I have certificates in early inclusive
child care and child care development. Also have been certifieds to work with children in special needs and
diapering. I also have a certificate in child abuse and neglect as well as CPR and First Aid Training as well.
I am also taking behavior classes to go with my childhood education as a child care specialist or teacher.
I will be still taking my education further on September the 19th to further my education on teaching. You
can always learn something new everyday and I would love to teach and play with children. They need to be
heard and cared for and I would love to be that for them. They're voice. I am starting my own organization
with other childcare providers on the subject of bullying and am researching on that as well. I would be a
great addition for any childcare environment I think because even though it feels great to have graduated it
takes the Heart to love and spend that time with children, not the diploma. (10+ years)
CPR/First Aid
July 2016 to Present
Early Childhood Education
September 2016 to Present
My course I passed with a 94
Educational change
September 2016 to Present
Course from when education first began and the changes that are today.

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