Toddler Lead Teacher

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March 18, 2021
Job Type
Education Requirements
AMS infant/toddler credential & at least 12 ECE or child development college units
Experience Requirements
Six (6) months experience for a minimum of 3 hours/day
Work Hours
8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday
Street Address
3535 S Akers St


Scope of Responsibilities

Lead Teachers are the guides for their classroom.  They must be comfortable and confident in supervising others. They are the preparers of the environment and set the plan for the year.  They are responsible for communicating the needs of the child to parents and other caregivers and ensuring constant safety and academic progress for each child. Additionally, the Lead Teacher is responsible for guiding their teaching team to ensure the Montessori philosophy is followed.

Duties, Tasks, and Skills

  • Problem-solver
  • Can react to diverse situations in a way that is effective, in line with school philosophy and within the law;
  • Able to mediate conflicts effectively between staff, parents, and children;
  • Able to establish positive relationships with children, parents, and staff
  • Effective communicator both verbally and in written form
  • The ability to create a warm, inviting, and peaceful environment


Working with Children

  • Use observation to assess individual needs
  • Select and demonstrate appropriate materials and lessons for each child
  • Plan and execute units of study that can be applied to all curriculum areas and that relate to the child’s world
  • Plan and fulfill group presentations for the class as a whole that relate to the planned units, that include music, movement, and literature
  • Capable and able to assist the child in developing inner discipline rather than using punitive strategies
  • Maintain ongoing, accurate daily records of child’s progress which are accessible to parents and the Director through MRX
  • Encourage individual work time to promote independence
  • Assist children by moving around as they:
    • Explore materials
    • Choose work
    • Return work to the shelf when the child completes his task
  • Help children to develop independence with eating, resting, and toileting habits
    • Demonstrate open/closing lunch bags
    • Allow children to be as independent as possible
    • Demonstrate and assist with self-care such as hand washing, and dressing/undressing
    • Encourage the children to feed themselves
  • Responsible for diaper changing and/or assisting with toileting while demonstrating respect for the child
  • Help with child and parent arrival and departure from the classroom
  • Supervise children outdoors and transitions to and from the classroom
  • Log all ouches and toileting in the Needs & Service Log
    • Notify the Director when an ouch occurs
    • Contact Parent when an ouch occurs – refer to communication protocols
  • Keep track of children and ensure that the proper ratio of teacher to child is adhered to at all times

Working with Parents

  • Communicates regularly with parents/caregivers at drop off/pick up
  • Schedule Parent Conferences when needed to communicate academic progress
  • Communicate with parents regarding behavioral challenges when needed
  • Respond to any and all parent concerns as they relate to the child’s behavior, classroom, and academic/social/emotional progress
  • Timely responses to parents via email, face to face, or by phone
  • Know the names of all the children’s parents in the class

Working with Staff

  • Be a model
  • Meet with the teaching team at the start of the school year to establish routines, expectations and plan what will happen throughout the school year, including units of study, normalization, etc.
  • Meet with teaching team weekly to discuss upcoming curriculum, receive input, answer questions and share any concerns
  • Share pertinent Montessori philosophy information to assist the classroom normalization process
  • Support all staff, wherever they may be in their learning process with kindness and understanding
  • Provide a sounding board for problem-solving situations

Environment/ Curriculum

  • Ensure that the furnishings and materials are complete daily
  • Implementation of the full spectrum of Montessori philosophy and curriculum for the age group instructing
  • Ensure that the environment meets the needs of the group
  • Maintain a clean, orderly, and attractive Montessori environment
  • Maintenance of classroom materials and equipment, and communicating repair needs to the Director
  • Ensure that the physical environment adheres to all health and safety regulations as required by the Department of Social Services
  • Create a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily plan for the whole class and each child
  • Share plan with Director before the school year begins
  • Execute, review and adjust plan throughout the year as needed



• Montessori certification from an accredited agency in the age level appropriate for the age of the children served
• Completed twelve (12) college units in early childhood education or child development.
• Six (6) months experience for a minimum of 3 hours/day


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See job description

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