Lee Montessori Public Charter School
February 15, 2024
Job Type
$115,000 - $130,000
Education Requirements
Master’s degree or Ph.D. in education; Montessori training preferred.
Experience Requirements
A clear record of effective leadership in a diverse school setting for a minimum of two years, including evidence of the utilization of academic achievement data to assess and improve instruction.
Street Address
2345 R St SE


About Lee Montessori Public Charter School

Founded in 2014, Lee Montessori’s mission is to create a more just, liberated world. We are a diverse and interconnected community that redefines high-quality education by pairing Montessori with Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist practices. We create a joyful learning environment where children and families flourish, and can show up authentically as their true selves. With a commitment to an anti-bias, anti-racist framework that addresses social inequity through the lenses of race, class, immigration, gender, neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+ identity, we now serve over 500 children at two campuses in Washington, DC. Our team of committed educators and lifelong learners works to redefine high-quality education through our collective commitment to our core values. In joyful and diverse learning communities, children learn with the support of highly trained teacher-guides in carefully prepared classroom environments. In mixed-age communities, children explore a rigorous curriculum and engage in relevant projects that promote independence, critical thinking, and self-regulation.

Principal Position Description

The Principal leads the strategic vision of the school. Reporting to the Executive Director, the successful candidate will work to ensure high performance across all aspects of the campus.



A clear record of effective leadership in a diverse school setting for a minimum of two years, including evidence of the utilization of academic achievement data to assess and improve instruction.
Master’s degree or Ph.D. in education; Montessori training preferred.
Five years of relevant teaching experience, with demonstrated student results.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Create and sustain a staff culture focused on continuous improvement and equitable practices.

Lead the recruitment and retention of staff who match Lee Montessori’s philosophy, including leading the hiring, and orientation processes.
Support the creation and implementation of an organization-wide Professional Development strategy.
Lead campus-level PD programs including (a) managing the school-wide coaching program and (b) ensuring relevant staff have the training necessary to meet the day-to-day requirements of the school.
Ensure high engagement and morale by (a) conducting and leveraging data from school climate and culture surveys and (b) coordinating and/or implementing relevant programs/activities.
Conduct performance evaluations for campus academic leadership and guides.

Lead the creation and maintenance of a joyful, inclusive, and connected school culture, focused on strong developmental outcomes for all students

Ensures that the educational program is delivered according to the charter's mission, goals, performance standards, and child outcomes.
Ensures that all students are learning and we continually address any and all gaps in achievement between subgroups.
Uses multiple sources of data to develop a plan for the ongoing improvement of student achievement.
Works with coaches and other academic staff to ensure the effective implementation of the Montessori curriculum.
Collaborates with special education leadership to provide an outstanding program for students with disabilities.
Participates in IEP meetings and provides educational accommodations when appropriate and necessary.
Promotes consistent discipline in accordance with school policies and guidelines.
Establishes clear schoolwide expectations and supports the implementation of those through structure and coaching
Celebrates community accomplishments meaningfully

Ensure compliance with organizational, local, federal, and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) requirements

Ensure that external vendors are providing high-quality services and are compliant with Lee Montessori policies.
Ensure the school is compliant with all local, Federal, and AMI requirements.
Ensure the implementation of organizational policies (e.g., attendance tracking, HR policies)
Reports data to PCSB, Student Achievement, Accountability Committee, etc.

Support positive family and community relations

Communicate with parents regarding any discipline issues.
Coordinate with the Family Teacher Association on school events, needs, etc.
Plan and conduct family and community outreach based on the interests and needs of the staff and school community.
Ensure the school is maintaining a positive image and contributing to the surrounding community.
Assist in the development of and participate in school functions, including but not limited to new student recruitment, open houses, orientation meetings, family education events, and school-wide activities.

Your Development

During the school year, you will be provided leadership training, likely to include a combination of:

Executive Coaching;
Montessori academic and/or leadership training;
Dedicated time to shadow school leaders;
Training and coaching on the implementation of Anti-Bias / Anti-Racist Practices; and/or
Training in other key areas (e.g., trauma-informed practices, employee wellness, management)


Skills / Traits

Alignment with Lee Montessori's mission and philosophy.
The capacity for independent work, flexibility, and the capacity to handle multiple demands.
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
An entrepreneurial spirit and can manage many complex tasks with competing priorities.
Strong organizational skills, and ability to handle many responsibilities simultaneously.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Ability to perform under pressure.
Committed to building a community of collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders.
A self-aware leader who knows how to treat all members of the school’s community with respect, appraises accurately their strengths, and weaknesses, and is perceptive about how they are regarded.
Highly dependable with excellent follow-through.
A strong personal commitment to ongoing learning and growth.
An effective and persuasive communicator, orally and in writing.

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