Montessori Middle School Teachers

The Sojourner Truth Montessori Public Charter School
October 8, 2019
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The mission of The Sojourner Truth School (opening in the fall of 2020) is to empower students to transform the world. Students at The Truth School will graduate ready for success in college, career, and life. They will serve as active agents in the construction of peace. They will know who they are, what they want, and where they are going. They can walk into any space, find their place, and make a powerful contribution. Truth achieves this vision through a Montessori education built upon student-led classrooms with a learning environment deliberately designed to enable student engagement in meaningful, authentic work and to foster a close-knit community where students pursue justice and practice stewardship.

The school will serve a culturally diverse population of students in Washington, DC, and anticipates eventually growing from 6t​h​ and 7t​h​ grade in 2020-2021 through 12t​h​ grade by 2024-2025.


The Sojourner Truth School is seeking motivated and innovative middle school humanities, math, ELA, and STEM teachers prepared to serve not only as content experts and classroom teachers but also as mentors and learning coaches in an environment fostering student self-direction. Applicants should be inspired by and aligned to Truth’s mission, and excited by the opportunity to expand their influence and the role of teacher by guiding students through goal-setting, the creation of learning plans, and reflection. The Sojourner Truth School strongly believes in the expertise and abilities of its teachers, and also that a culturally responsive and culturally sustaining curriculum should be created by those who work in the community and understand the interests and needs of the students therein. To this end, teachers at Truth contribute significantly to the curriculum design process.

Teachers, like all other staff, should be fully invested in Truth’s two Design Principles:

1. Students need to be prepared for l​ife​, not just for school.
2. Each student’s identity, voice, perspectives, and choices matter.



Learning Coach

●  Serve as the mentor for 13 students;

●  Co-facilitate an extended, self-directed learning block on a daily basis alongside two other teachers and their mentees;

●  Create a personalized, competency-based, and student-centered environment that believes in the possibility, promise, and potential in every student;

●  Support students through goal-setting, the creation of their own learning plans, the implementation of their plans, and ongoing reflection;

● Build positive and strong relationships with students’ families


Content Expert

●  Create a classroom environment that makes every single student feel welcome and appreciated;

●  Plan and implement a curriculum that prioritizes the development of key skills and habits of learning rather than just breadth of content;

●  Teaching two hour-long content sessions per day;

●  Co-planning and co-teaching as appropriate with an ESL teacher and/or a Special Education teacher;

●  Differentiate lessons and tasks to support and challenge a diverse range of skills


Reflective Practitioner

●  Actively engage in ongoing professional development

  • Continually reflect on the effect that our biases may be having on students and their experience in and out of Truth;
  • Regularly analyze and adjust curriculum based on student products and colleague feedback;

●  Demonstrate a growth mindset with respect to new strategies and the consideration of feedback



●  Motivated by the mission to set a national model for a high-quality, urban public Montessori secondary school;

●  Demonstrated support of the philosophy behind competency-based learning;

●  Desire to collaborate, co-plan, and co-teach;

●  Ability to respond positively to coaching and feedback;

●  Openness towards innovation in instructional strategies, alternative assessment methods, blended learning, supports for English language learners, supports for students with disabilities, and cooperative learning;

●  Demonstrated ability to create data-driven action plans;

●  Demonstrated commitment to the potential of all students to succeed in rigorous educational settings;

●  Training, or willingness to seek training, in the Montessori method;

●  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required; Master’s degree preferred

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