Montessori Coach – Director of Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development

Pullman Community Montessori (PCM)
September 14, 2020
Job Type
$80,000-$95,000 per year
Education Requirements
Bachelor Degree or higher from an accredited institution. Hold Montessori Credentials from a MACTE-accredited training program, preferably in a minimum of two program levels (Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary).
Experience Requirements
Four (4) years or more of Montessori teaching experience. Two (2) years or more of prior experiences as instructional coach, department chair, or level lead. Prior experience analyzing student data. Demonstrated experience in creating and evaluating student programs.
Work Hours
Regular hours plus some after school events
Street Address
115 NW State St
Address Line 2
Suite 215


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Primary Position Purpose & Administrative Overview:

PCM’s Montessori Coach (MC) is a member of the administrative team, serving as the director of curriculum, assessment, and professional development. As and educational leader, the MC focuses on day-to-day implementation of the Montessori curriculum, coaching of teachers and classroom assistants, and is responsible for the consistent high-quality implementation of the Montessori program within and across grade levels. The MC oversees the development of all curricular initiatives and guides the implementation of a coherent whole school approach to Montessori pedagogy; works with teachers formally and informally to improve instructional practice and adherence to the Montessori model; oversees all student assessment and related data analysis; coordinates and, in some cases, delivers professional development to teachers and classroom assistants. As an administrative team member, the MC, in collaboration with the HOS, will participate in school-wide decision-making, strategic planning, and educational program design.

A note on our administrative team approach: As PCM fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence for all stakeholders, including staff, our school leadership will be grounded in a collaborative leadership model. The administrative team will share several key responsibilities including: hiring of teachers in Year 1; annual evaluation of teaching staff ; construction of our Adolescent Community Program (Grades 7-9) in collaboration with outside partnerships; development and maintenance of school culture; scheduling and planning; family engagement; and presenting data to PCM’s BOT.

National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS) will support the development of this novel collaborative relationship between the HOS and MC.  NCMPS brings deep expertise in high-fidelity public Montessori practices informed by research, field tested experience, and continuous feedback from high-fidelity public Montessori teams across the nation. The MC will be expected to deeply engage in a diverse set of trainings from NCMPS during their tenure at PCM.  PCM has secured a partnership with NCMPS to support high-fidelity program development in our first 4 years of operation.  PCM has also secured a partnership with Teton Science Schools Place Network (TSS-PN) to facilitate bolstering of Montessori place-based practices and full development of the Adolescent Community Program.  The MC will also be expected to deeply engage in TSS-PN trainings and thoughtfully engage in the seamless integration of best practices to ensure a high-fidelity Montessori model is maintained.


 Hold Montessori Credentials from a MACTE-accredited training program in a minimum of two program levels (Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary).
 Bachelor Degree or higher from an accredited institution.
 Candidate must have satisfactory outcome of Washington State OSPI-sanctioned fingerprinting background check. Paid by candidate (approximately $30.00).


Major Responsibilities and Duties:
The following outlines the general purpose and responsibilities and should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

All duties and responsibilities for this position are performed under the purview of the HOS. This position will require consistent communication and, in some cases, collaboration with the HOS.

 Coaches teachers—through embedded modeling, observation, facilitation, and feedback—to improve classroom instruction and assume the role of educational scientist.
 Manages the school’s talent pipeline, including recruiting, screening, inducting, and participating in the evaluation of all instructional staff.
 Directs the school’s professional growth program, including weekly and monthly professional development workshops and gatherings.
 Assists teachers in developing rigorous and relevant lessons and facilitates professional relationships among staff members focused on student learning.
 In concert with the HOS, guide teachers in developing annual growth plans based on performance and deeply engaging in a continuous cycle of improvement.

 Works with teachers to implement the school curriculum with fidelity and quality.
 Oversees the development and implementation of lesson plans.
 Ensures curricular alignment with state standards and guides teachers in the use and transparency feature in Transparent Classroom.
 Coordinates curriculum development activities including adaptation of the Montessori curriculum to meet the needs of each student.
 Builds and maintains consistency, coherence, and continuity within program and across programs in the school community.
 Supervises the classroom ordering process assuring that orders support the curriculum and focus of the school.

 Uses data to identify students with exceptionalities and coordinate interventions along with the specialists, MTSS team members (when applicable) as well as classroom teachers.
 Implements professional development surrounding data-driven assessment and analysis.
 Responsible for maintaining and supervising the implementation of a comprehensive school-based cycle of competency-based student assessment that monitors individual progress using a series of steps:
 Lesson planning personalized to the needs of individual students (organized and tracked using Personalized Work Plans. Student collaborate with their guide and progressively take increased responsibility over creation, monitoring, and maintenance of Personalized Work Plans.)
 Daily observation and appraisals (leveraging NCMPS Montessori Playbook tools)
 Employment of NCMPS Tracking sheets
 Progress reports
 Assists in making placement decisions for children in terms of educational programming.
 Supervises standardized testing, including test administration, data analysis, and related professional development.

 Supports teachers in providing meaningful information to parents and others regarding student progress through Transparent Classroom.
 Develops communications that reflect and support leadership team decisions in the implementation of school policies.
 Collaborates with the HOS and appropriate staff to keep the community informed about school activities through newsletters, news releases, and attendance at parent meetings.
 Hosts monthly Parent Universities when applicable.
 Demonstrates the following core values: integrity, high expectations, commitment, respect, dedication to teamwork, and passion for a student-centered environment.
 Actively works to build community with and outside Pullman Community Montessori.

 Acts on behalf of the HOS in her/his absence for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required for their functions in a timely manner.
 Assists the HOS in developing and evaluating student programs and services. In the planning year this will mean working to construct the Adolescent Community program (requires collaboration with outside consultants: NCMPS, TSS-PN, and others).
 Assists in the recruitment and retention of Montessori state-certified teachers to school.
o This may involve guiding teachers to earn WA State Teaching Certification through an alternative route program such as Western Governors University.
 Responsible for collaborating with the HOS to hire year 1 staff, taking lead on teacher and classroom assistant hires.
 Responsible for maintenance of Teacher and Assistant Employment Agreements and Annual Growth Portfolios and coordinating and conducting mid-year and annual reviews (the latter in concert with the HOS). Includes the creation and employment of Improvement Plans for struggling teaching staff if necessary.
 Participates in the planning/leading of curriculum-focused meetings and professional days to review, discuss, and update curriculum adhering to a Montessori focus, developmentally appropriate practices, and current research on best practices.
 Is responsible for the oversight and administration of all required federal and state testing requirements on behalf of school.
 Ensures educational quality control with respect to all applicable federal and state regulations.
 Responsible for all teachers and their classroom assistants (Yr 1: 4 teachers and 4 assistants).
 Classroom assistant will be trained interventionists, so collaboration with the Special Education Teacher will be required.
 Work in concert with the HOS to ensure successful implementation and maintenance of the school wide PBIS System.
 Collaborate with respective team members to support classroom implementation of PCM’s MTSS, with heavy emphasis on implementation and maintenance of strong Tier I supports (behavioral, academic, and social-emotional).
 Provide needed training and deliver student performance reports at relevant BOT meetings (quarterly at minimum).
 Attend all school events.


Special Knowledge/Skills
 Deep and verifiable understanding of Washington State-adopted education standards (CCSS-ELA, CCSS-Math, C3-SS, NGSS).
 Experience with standardized state testing and/or norm referenced assessments.

 AMI trained
 A minimum of (3) years Montessori Instructional Coach experience.
 Washington State, or equivalent teaching certification
 Montessori Adolescent Program Training
 Participated in NCMPS’s Coaches Training and Coaches Workshop
 Experience employing DERS as a classroom environment evaluation and reflection tool
 Experience administering MEFS and NWEA MAP assessments
 Trained in employing and guiding teachers to use NCMPS Montessori Assessment Playbook strategies and tools.
 Experience with Transparent Classroom as a learning management platform.
 Experience with Essential Elements for Montessori in the Public Sector (EEMPS) Rubric
 Place-based education experience
 Experience with curriculum development
*A comprehensive professional development and support plan will be created for the planning year based on individuals experience and gaps.

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