Middle School Montessori Guide / Teacher

September 23, 2022
Job Type
Work Hours
8:00 to 4:00pm
Street Address
90 E. Latimer Ave.


Position Summary:  The math & science teacher will cultivate in his/her students the quantitative thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that prepare them to successfully undertake their choice of  high school level mathematics and science.  The teacher will foster an integrated and practical appreciation of mathematics and science in students.  He or she will facilitate related aspects of the middle school curriculum including micro-economy, student electives and field trips.

The teacher will create an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of adolescents in the realization of their fullest learning potential.   She or he is responsible for the generation and improvement of all school curricula in writing and the pedagogical growth and development of the school as well as the day-to-day teaching and functioning of his or her class.

The Teacher will prepare materials to meet the needs of the children, and operate in a manner in keeping with Montessori Method and concerns for educational excellence.  The Teacher has responsibilities to children, parents, staff, Administrator, and Board.


• Comprehensive understanding of Montessori methods and pedagogy
• Bachelor’s degree in related subject
• California Teaching credential or equivalent
• Montessori Credential for adolescents, preferred but not required
• Three years’ experience working with adolescents
• Excellent verbal and written skills with students, colleagues and parents
• Demonstrated organizational skills


Essential Functions
● Establish and maintain an enriching and challenging environment based on Montessori principles in which students work collaboratively with each other, the staff and the wider community.
● Provide a flexible, responsive environment that provides real life experiences and work practices to bring the curriculum to life.
● Create engaging math and science curriculum and impart lessons to individuals and groups.
● Modify teaching plans according to the varying needs of students.
● Assist students in understanding mathematical and scientific concepts and applying them in actuality.
● Demonstrate responsibility for student safety and well-being at all times.
● Provide an environment that fosters respect and values differences.
● Teach in a Socratic, inquiry based style.
● Keep detailed and accurate records of each student’s academic progress.
● Maintain professional and positive communication with parents.
● Research and develop relationships with community resources to enhance place-based instruction.
● Plan and supervise field trips, including overnight trips.
● Work collaboratively with other teachers and administrators in development of curriculum, program planning and scheduling.
● Facilitate student preparedness for high school entry examinations.
● Create newsletters to showcase and promote middle school program to the school community.
● Attend staff meetings, school events and in-service programs.
● Develop and implement parent information sessions specific to the adolescent program.
● Other duties as assigned by the Head of School.


Physical Requirements and Work Environment
• Frequently bend, stoop, kneel and crouch in order to assist children; routinely sit on the floor with children. Walk and stand routinely.
• Occasionally lift up to 50 lbs.
• Work in a demanding environment dealing with a wide variety of challenges and a varied and diverse array of contacts.
• Work intermittently in outside weather conditions, including heat and cold.
• Sensory Requirements: this job requires visual and auditory perception and the ability to communicate orally.
• Be comfortable taking active field trips with students.

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