Lead Teacher Primary Program (3-6yrs)

Small World Montessori - Miramar
August 29, 2022
Job Type
$40,000 - $50,000
Education Requirements
AMS Certified
Experience Requirements
Minimum 1 year
Work Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Street Address
18461 Miramar Parkway


Do you believe that if you change the beginning of a child’s life you can change their whole story?

The Montessori School of Miramar and Miami Gardens were established with a fundamental belief rooted in our philosophy that “we measure our success by the success of each individual child.” We are a boutique Montessori school with a flare of modern contemporary style built on the foundation of a holistic curriculum that has withstood the test of time. With a full administration dedicated to the staff, students and families, our educators are enabled to educate and make the students their primary focus.

We seek an imaginative, flexible, and creative individual who finds the challenges of planning, problem solving and guiding the growth and stability of our boutique school professionally fulfilling. The ability to understand and willingness to work with a range of learning styles is essential. The ideal candidate is a lifelong learner who is joyful, warm, and professional in their daily interactions with children, families, and colleagues. Confidence, professionalism, a nurturing demeanor, and a sense of humor are important characteristics. A strong respect for and love of children centered in an understanding of the Montessori philosophy are indispensable. We know the power of passionate educators when it comes to unleashing children’s potential. We are a community of educators who seek to grow together in our craft and knowledge to ensure that we thrive as professionals and our students thrive as learners and citizens. We look for a long-term commitment to our Montessori program, the students, fellow colleagues, and the community we serve.


- Must be Montessori certified (AMS) or completing the certification from an accredited Teacher Training Center.
- Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field or equivalent professional experience (highly preferred)
- Must have completed the state minimum requirements outlined by childcare licensing.
- Prior experience within age group and experience working in a certified child development center are preferred.
- Must have the ability to read, write and speak English. Fluency in other language(s) is a plus.


The Lead Teacher will implement curriculum in a safe, healthy, and nurturing classroom environment that supports each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth and development.

Teacher to Student/Environment expectations:

- To assist in creating a warm, nourishing home-like classroom culture with an openness to learning and ongoing professional & personal development.
- Prepares lesson plans for each child individually following the Montessori Method and using the Montessori materials.
- Recognizing and considering the individual needs of each child in relation to cultural and socio-economic background, handicaps, special talents and interests, style and pace of learning.
- Creates engaging, age-appropriate lessons using provided curriculum.
- Maintains cleanliness of the classroom as well as other areas of the school
- Speaks to children in a positive manner
- Maintains discipline of the children
- Establishes classroom management utilizing positive coaching.
- Design and maintain a learning environment that is inspiring and is conducive to the optimal growth and development of the students.
- Monitor and maintain accurate records of children’s’ progress and development.
- Always ensure safety and well-being of children.
- Guide children to resolve disagreements appropriately. All disputes or discipline issues brought up by a child to you as the first point of contact, you are required to resolve the issue with the children involved before the end of the school day and document the issue.
- Be responsible for a prepared, safe learning environment. This includes:
being able to communicate clearly, both in verbal and written form,
working towards a normalized classroom at all times,
knowing and delivering Montessori lessons in sequential order,
delivering Montessori lessons with the aim of promoting coordination, concentration, independence, and order,
planning curriculum lesson topics for the whole year for the class and lessons for the extended day,
preparing the environment daily so that it is inviting and appealing to the children (this will include changing the materials regularly),
promoting positive discipline in the classroom so that there is respect for each other.

Teacher to Teacher expectations

- Must be able to work with other staff members as a contributing member of our team
- Is responsible for supervising the class as well as supervising the assistant teacher
- Ensures the staff in the classroom is well supported and guided to achieve desired goals set forth for each child and the classroom in general for the entire school year.
- Supervise Assistant teachers to assist with daily group activities. Assume the responsibility for supervising all activities to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of each child in the group.

Teacher to Families expectations:

- Make families feel welcome into the environment; greet parent(s) and child(ren) at arrival and departure times.
- Conducts parent/teacher conferences as required by the school and upon request of parents.
- Communicates well with parents and staff members
- Maintaining strict confidentiality regarding children and their families.
- Maintaining professional conduct and attitudes in working with parents and staff as well as visitors and the general public

Teacher to Administration/Company expectations:

- Displays a professional attitude and appearance
- Becomes familiar with and abides by the rules and regulations listed in the school staff handbook as well as the guidelines listed in the DCF Standards
- Maintains regular attendance at staff meetings and various school sponsored activities
- Attends workshops and training seminars to achieve higher knowledge and the yearly training hours that are required by childcare licensing
- Actively seeking to continuously update skills by attending outside workshop and conferences whenever possible, by becoming active in professional organizations, and by constantly seeking new ideas and materials for use in the classroom with the children or to share with other staff members.
- Abides by the rules and regulations of the school and governmental regulatory agencies regarding health and safety issues
- Encourage and assist in positive social interactions.
- Ensures to document all incidents, behavior problems of children as they happen the same day.
- Ensure that all accidents are reported in the proper accident report form.
- Being responsible for reporting to the administration any equipment repairs or replacements needed, maintenance needed in the room or elsewhere in the building or on the playground, and supplies that need to be reordered.
- Capable of accepting training and supervision
Assists in any capacity as required/requested by the director or assistant director

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