Lead Elementary or Children’s House Guide

Ojai Meadows Montessori
March 12, 2023
Job Type
48-69,000 depending on experience
Education Requirements
Montessori Elementary or 3-6 Training (preferably AMI),
Experience Requirements
Open to new or experienced teachers
Work Hours
8:00 - 4:00
Street Address
1350 Cuyama Rd


Ojai Meadows Montessori has been a thriving Children’s House since 2011. We are loved in our community, have a robust waitlist and a wonderful parent community. 

We are seeking either a 3-6 guide for our well established Children’s House or an elementary guide with 6-12 training for our growing elementary program. 

Ojai Meadows Montessori is expanding into a beautiful new campus in the fall of 2023. We are considered one of Ojai’s exceptional schools by parents in our community. This is a fantastic opportunity for a new or experienced teacher. 

We have beautiful, complete environments and a well resourced team of support staff.  Both classrooms will have a full time, experienced assistant teacher. Our dedicated Head of School who has her 3-6 AMI training and over 20 years of classroom experience is able to offer mentorship and support to a new guide. 

Ojai Meadows is situated in Ojai, California, an especially beautiful and desirable place to live. Ojai is known for its progressive, health oriented culture, is home to many notable restaurants, artists, events, stunning farmer’s markets and hiking trails. Ojai has the benefit of feeling like a small town and is surrounded by magnificent wilderness and open spaces while also being just 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and Rincon Beach one of California’s most famous surf points. Within a 45 minute drive either north or south one can reach the greater cultural opportunities in Santa Barbara and Los Angelos. 

Our community of parents and staff is able to assist with finding suitable housing for a candidate who will be relocating.

Start date: August 2023 

First day of school is August 30. School observes most major holidays, takes two weeks of winter and spring break. The school year ends in mid June with staff working from the middle of August through the end of June. Staff are offered to work Summer Camp programming for additional pay to yearly salary but not required.

Benefits include 4 paid sick days, 2 weeks paid winter break, 2 weeks paid spring break, 6 weeks paid summer break. $100/month health contribution to go towards insurance cost. Yearly professional development opportunity. 

If interested please contact Juniper Dwight at ojaimeadows@gmail.com



Guide who can effectively nurture a positive learning environment for their perspective age group with full time assistant support.
Guide must be able to address student behavior in a kind and effective way.
Guide must be capable of providing exciting and effective curriculum that supports the unique needs of the elementary student according to Montessori philosophy.


To guide the students in their work in a way that fosters thriving relationships between each child and their unique potential, their love of learning and with their classroom, their classmates, their teachers and the greater world. A successful guide will lead with joy and effectiveness, be able to establish and hold healthy boundaries in a way that nurtures the above relationships.
Arriving to classroom before children to adequately prepare for the day.
Full attentiveness during the school day.
Greet parents warmly and professionally at drop off or go home time.
After children are dismissed, lead guide to attend to the classroom environment which is to include: required communication between self and assistant staff, administration communication, care of environment, lesson recording and planning and parent communication.
Attend weekly staff meetings.
Be receptive to school tours, parent observations and regular supervisor observation and review.
Effectively CC Head Of School on all communications with parents.


Warm demeanor with clear, kind and effective communication skills with both adults and children.
Sufficient organizational skills to ensure adequate self care both physically and emotionally.
Ability to organize a beautiful classroom environment as well as the ability to impart to the children in the classroom how to respect and maintain the environment including classroom materials.
Ability to work as a team member and balance the needs of individual classroom goals with the needs of the larger school community.
Ability to observe and reflect on student behavior through a Montessori lease and respond accordingly.
Ability to establish and maintain a culture of respect and joyful learning.
Cultivate and maintain positive and professional relationships with parents.

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