Founding Primary Teacher Leaders at Wildflower Schools CA (Various Locations in San Francisco Bay Area)

Wildflower Schools California
July 1, 2021
Job Type
Salary commensurate with experience
Education Requirements
Bachelors Degree & Montessori Certification
Experience Requirements
At least 5 years of Montessori Teaching Experience
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Are you a Montessori guide with an entrepreneurial drive and a deep belief in racial equity and social justice?

Join our Founding Teacher-Leader Team to help grow our schools in the Bay Area!

Wildflower Schools Northern California is seeking innovative, equity-minded, entrepreneurial teachers who are looking to start and lead their own small-scale Montessori schools in the Bay Area. We are working to cultivate a community of beautiful, child-centered learning environments that support children, teachers, and families from diverse backgrounds as they follow life’s unfolding journey. Our teachers serve as both classroom teachers and school administrators of their own micro-school.

The vision and model for the school will be yours to shape within Wildflower’s nine principles. You will have access to financial support, direct guidance from Wildflower California’s support team, and will join a local community of fellow Montessori teacher innovators as you spend approximately 12-18 months exploring the possibility of opening your own school in our state.

We currently operate three Montessori schools in California in the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Pittsburg and are looking for experienced preschool and elementary trained Montessori teacher leaders to help us expand our program and open-up more schools in the Bay Area. Expand your leadership in the Montessori community and join our team now!

Our Schools: Wildflower schools are very small - typically serving 20-30 students. They are committed to equity, and unite diverse communities of children, families and teachers in a shared pursuit of interconnectedness, justice and peace. Wildflower schools are Montessori schools with certified teachers who embrace the qualities of authentic Montessori education - mixed ages, the full complement of materials for each age group, and a child-led, individualized approach within a beautiful, peaceful environment

While they share our Wildflower values and principles, each Wildflower school is unique, a reflection of the training, life experiences and educational vision of the small team of teachers who lead it. Because Wildflower schools blur the boundary between homeschooling and institutional schooling and between education and the rest of life, Wildflower teacher-leaders have extraordinary autonomy to extend the prepared environment in any direction to serve the needs of families, children and educators.

We are currently accepting applications for leaders who aim to open up schools in the Fall of 2022 or Fall of 2023. 

Learn More: If you would like to learn more about opening a Wildflower school in California, please visit, fill out the get involved form here to begin the conversation process, and send an email with your resume attached to Alia at


A deep commitment to authentic Montessori - Your 5+ years of experience in a Montessori or child-focused, infant-toddler, primary or elementary environment will position you to be a highly effective facilitator of children’s learning.



As a Teacher Leader you will:
● Spend time learning about Wildflower, developing plans, and bringing your school to life through our supported School Startup Journey with your co-leader

● Collaborate with 1-2 other teacher-leaders to develop a vision for an authentic Montessori primary or elementary school that serves the diversity of the Bay Area community Founding Teacher Leaders

● With the financial and operational support of the local and national Wildflower teams, find and prepare a school site - this generally involves identifying, leasing and renovating shop front space

● Design and create the prepared school environment in alignment with your vision and local early childhood regulations

● Actively market your school to recruit and enroll children and families

Wildflower provides tools and resources - including access to financial support - to help prospective teacher leaders gauge their own alignment with Wildflower’s values, norms and principles, and self-assess their readiness to start and run a Wildflower school, with advice from current teacher-leaders and partners. Wildflower teacher leaders cultivate a strong appreciation for the skills that support the development of high-quality schools and that allow the process to be joyful and empowering rather than overwhelming and uncomfortable.



● A deep commitment to authentic Montessori - Your 5+ years of experience in a Montessori or child-focused, infant-toddler, primary or elementary environment will position you to be a highly effective facilitator of children’s learning.

● Entrepreneurial leadership - You are flexible, open-minded, see opportunity in obstacles, and are energized by using creativity and resourcefulness to anticipate challenges and create solutions to problems.

● Commitment to serving diverse and multifaceted communities - You are eager to expand access to Montessori for racially and socioeconomically diverse communities and are committed to supporting the development of intersectional communities.

● Generosity of spirit. Willingness to work hard - You have the aptitude, stamina, time, and appetite to rise to the challenge of starting and leading your own school. You will not be alone, but you will be busy.

● A desire to learn and grow.

● We welcome candidates fluent in Spanish who can help connect with families that we will serve.

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