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Tree of Life Charter School
January 30, 2019
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Tree of Life Charter School




Position: Assistant Principal (full time)


Term: a one-year term for the 2019/2020 school year (upon successful completion, eligible for elevation to Head of School/Principal beginning in the 2020/2021 school year)


Salary: Depends on experience (likely range: $53,000 – $63,000)


Reports to: Head of School/Principal


Supervises: Faculty and staff (as directed by the Head of School)


Interfaces with: Faculty, staff, students, parents, community, other heads of schools, UUSD, MCOE, Beginning Project Board and Board Cabinet


Basic Qualifications:

  • BA or BS minimum.
  • Current first aid and CPR certification.
  • Meet school/state education requirements, including TB test, immunizations, fingerprint clearance.
  • Montessori training and minimum of 4 years teaching experience in a Montessori school.
  • State of California teaching or administrative credential.


Selection process: The Board is the policy-making body of a charter school. It is responsible for fiscal well-being, for the philosophy and objectives of the institution as defined by its vision and mission statement, and for the effective implementation of the policies it lays down. To this end, the Board will select an Assistant Principal for a year-long period of training, preparation, and evaluation for suitability as the next Head of School/Principal.  To that end, the Board is looking for a candidate with a deep commitment to Montessori teaching philosophies, excellent leadership and communication skills, and an open and collaborative spirit.


Role: The Assistant Principal will support and collaborate with the Head of School/Principal to carry out the broad educational policies established by the Board and act within the limits of the financial policy set by that body.  Within these basic guidelines, the Assistant Principal role will include the following (I.) General Functions, (II.) Direct Responsibilities, (III.) Secondary Responsibilities, and (IV.) Preparation & Training Areas.


(I.) General Functions - on a day-to-day basis, the Assistant Principal:

  • Ensures that the day-to-day operations of the school are efficient and cost-effective.
  • Is accountable for understanding and for successfully implementing the school's educational policies as defined in the mission statement.
  • Ensures compliance with all relevant federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Works with the Board, administrative staff, and faculty to ensure that the school has a long-range strategy that achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent progress.
  • Is an active participant in the fundraising activities of the school.
  • Determines the methods for carrying out Board policies.
  • Reflects the values of the school:
    • Demonstrates fairness, diplomacy, and integrity
    • Provides a sound rational approach to issues and problems
    • Appreciates the collaborative culture of the school and facilitates the decision-making process among constituents
    • Is respectful of all the component populations of the school community: families, faculty, staff, board, alumni, and the public.


(II.) Direct Responsibilities – the Assistant Principal:

  • Leadership/Board
    • Advances the understanding, implementation, and development of Montessori pedagogy, school-based and community-based relationships, and school operations.
    • Works with Board and staff to meet the needs of students.
    • Functions as substitute chief advisor to the Board, when Head is not available, guiding it in the full range of its activities.
  • Planning and Analysis
    • Remains abreast of trends and research in education—particularly those affecting independent charter school operation and management. (g., webinars, conferences, & workshops).
    • Assists the Board in developing long-range and strategic plans.
  • Programs
    • Makes decisions (in consultation with faculty and Head) regarding discipline and/or dismissal of students. Refers students recommended for expulsion to the Board for a hearing.
    • Recommends and supports appropriate after-school enrichment activities.
    • Provides guidance to teachers and parents working to meet the requirements of special needs children.
    • Administers special education program with special education teacher/coordinator.
  • Personnel
    • Facilitates weekly staff meetings, listening carefully to all points of view with the goal of bringing all parties to consensus.
    • Assists with coordination of new employee orientation and training as necessary.
  • Environment
    • Strives to create and maintain an aesthetically attractive environment that is compatible with the character of the school.
    • Ensures a Montessori prepared environment.
    • Reviews and updates, as appropriate, the school's safety and health policies.
    • Supervises the operation and maintenance of all school facilities.
  • Enrollment and Recruitment
    • Speaks with prospective families, either on the phone or in person, as appropriate.
  • Fundraising
    • Advises the Board with respect to fundraising needs and plans, including grants.
    • Actively participates in school social functions and fundraising activities.


(III.) Secondary Responsibilities – the Assistant Principal works in Collaboration with the Head to:

  • Leadership/Board
    • Serves as an advocate for the Board to staff and an advocate for staff to Board.
    • Brings to the attention of the Board such matters and data as are appropriate to keep the Board fully informed to meet its responsibilities.
    • Maintains contact with the Board president to assure that there are “no surprises.”
    • Attends all regularly scheduled and special Board Cabinet meetings; attends executive sessions and Board committee meetings as required.
    • Educates Board members about Montessori philosophy, pedagogy, and best practices.
    • Works with the Board to resolve emergencies if the Head is not available.
  • Organization
    • Creates and nurtures, as appropriate, a management team, meeting with them regularly and encouraging and coaching them as the leader of the team.
    • Promotes an internal organization that permits effective communication—up and down.
    • Works to produce smooth day-to-day internal operation, overseeing the responsibilities of the administrative staff, demonstrating an understanding and awareness of the details of their jobs.
  • Planning and Analysis
    • Prepares and maintains documents such as the Annual Report, LCAP, and Schoolwide Plan for federal funds.
    • Ensures adherence to the school charter, MOU, LEA plan, LCAP, and other mandates
  • Programs
    • Observes each classroom regularly and provides feedback to the teacher.
    • Performs formative faculty evaluations and mentoring.
    • Leads program evaluation and curriculum development.
  • Personnel
    • Defines the teaching and non-teaching positions needed to implement the school's programs and selects and employs competent personnel to fill these positions.
    • Administers equitable systems of compensation, working conditions, discipline, training, and development of all school employees. (e.g., working on the budget)
  • Constituent Relationships
    • Encourages meaningful alumni, parent, and past parent participation in events that support and aid the goals of the school. Leads in the school's efforts to encourage meaningful participation and volunteerism among constituents, and continually shows appreciation to participants.
    • Works to maintain programs that contribute to relations with the local community, particularly with those people who come into regular contact with the school.
    • Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associates.
    • Works with faculty to develop a parent education program.
    • Reviews school communication and facilitates communication among various stakeholders.


(IV.) Preparation & Training Areas – the Assistant Principal will observe and learn these tasks under the direct supervision of the Head of School/Principal:

  • Oversees the business operation.
  • Develops and evaluates student programs and services.
  • Provides administrative and professional leadership for faculty and staff.
  • Leadership/Board
  • Develops and maintains infrastructure for effective communication among members of the school community.
    • Evaluates and modifies policies as necessary.
    • Orients the Board to responsibilities of Board membership.
  • Planning and Analysis
    • Encourages perspective via testing, comparisons with similar institutions, and external analyses/critiques.
    • Assists the business manager in the budgeting process, ensuring that program information is accurate and that the objectives of the school are being supported.
    • Prepares for and participates in the annual review process of the charter-granting agency.
    • Prepares documents and application necessary for charter renewal.
    • Prepares School Annual Report Card and posts as required by the State.
    • Prepares the LCAP and posts as required by the State.
  • Programs
    • Sets standards of participation and achievement in each category: (
      • Academic: Establishes the educational offerings as well as appropriate systems to guide students and evaluate achievement. The curriculum must have continuity and must meet Montessori as well as State of California standards. (e.g., Montessori Compass.)
      • Character development: Implements formal and informal programs that relate to high moral and ethical conduct.
    • Oversees the development of the annual program calendar and keeps abreast of what is going on in the program area of the school. Oversees student assessment and evaluation. Analyzes the standardized testing process according to State requirements and makes recommendations to the board. (e.g., as Testing Coordinator and ELPAC Assessor)
    • Ensures compliance with requirements of regulatory bodies.
  • Personnel
    • Ensures compliance with personnel policies and with state and federal regulations on workplaces and employment and ensures that employee handbook is up-to-date. (e.g., mandated reporter, 1st Aid and CPR)
    • Ensures that employees are licensed and credentialed as required, and that appropriate background checks and health screenings are conducted.
    • Plans and attends employee in-service days.
  • Environment
    • Holds general operating responsibility for the safety and well-being of all students under the school's jurisdiction. Ensures adherence by staff of safety requirements and regulations.
  • Finance
    • Presents financial plans, salary ranges, and annual budgets to the Board to achieve the objectives of the school.
    • Maintains a system of cost control to foster efficiency consistent with high standards of education and the limitations of the budget.
    • Manages a cost-effective system of purchasing, billing, accounting, investing, and insurance.
  • Enrollment and Recruitment
    • Establishes standards and procedures for student admissions and dismissals.
    • Oversees the admission process. (e.g. SIS training)
    • Arranges for advertising, announcements of open enrollment periods, and open house as needed and appropriate.
  • Constituent Relationships
    • Develops and updates, as appropriate, public relations materials, application forms and packets, family handbook, school calendar, etc.


About Tree of Life Charter School:

Tree of Life was founded in 2000 in Ukiah in beautiful Mendocino County, one hour’s drive north of Santa Rosa, by supportive families who wanted a Montessori educational program for their children. The facility is located on the Redwood Empire Fairground and currently enrolls between 80-90 students. Its charter has been renewed three times by Ukiah Unified School District. Tree of Life is a National Green School that uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products and has an active recycling and gardening program. Peace education and non-violent communication and conflict resolution strategies are included in our program. The school is intentionally small to promote a sense of community and caring.

The parents and families of the school are strongly involved in volunteer activities and fundraising for the school. They help out with field trip driving, site beautification, classroom projects, listening to students read, and after school clubs.

Tree of Life staff members come from a variety of backgrounds, share many interests and talents, and are highly supportive of each other. Currently the staff uses Montessori Compass for online recordkeeping and progress reports. The staff meets together weekly to do planning, problem solving, in-house training, sharing ideas and strategies, and providing support.

We welcome you to visit our school community and invite you to send us your resume.


Tree of Life Charter School

PO Box 966 (241 Ford Rd.)

Ukiah, CA 95482


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